Born of the elements, distilled by nature, strengthened by man and inspired by design – apaisermable exemplifies the best of modern technology, melded with the meticulous craftsmanship of the artisan



Every piece of apaiser bathware is handcrafted from our own, luxurious apaiserMARBLE®, created with an environmentally positive focus. Fundamental to the apaiser experience is the tactile and organic quality of the surface, evident to both sight and touch.

As the creator of the original composite marble bathware, our material is the very essence of Maison apaiser and defines who we are as a brand.




Our signature, apaiserMARBLE is a special blend of reclaimed marble and high-quality resin, enriched with stone and minerals from the Australian Barossa.

Launched in 2004 after years of research and development, its introduction revolutionised the bathware industry. It replicated the natural feel and sensual qualities of marble or stone, while providing a durable and functional alternative to traditional bathware materials. It also offered a variety of colours and textures, changing the way we approached bathroom design. A new aesthetic, inspired by nature, allowed us to create a sanctuary at home.

As a leading Australian brand, our desire to preserve our beautiful country inspired us to explore recycled and reclaimed, ethically sourced raw materials and environmentally sensitive production processes.

Our signature apaiserMARBLE contains up to 85% reclaimed crushed marble, which would otherwise be consigned to landfill. Sourced locally, close to our atelier, we also aim to minimise our transport emissions.

Our mission was and remains, to create bathware which impacts benignly on the environment. At the same time, we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and design excellence for our customers.


Every piece of apaiser bathware is created by a team of highly experienced craftsmen and craftswomen in specialised ateliers. The designs are carefully cast and then hand sanded to perfection. Our artisan hand finishing process gives our pieces a truly unique tactility and softness.

  • craftswoman in apaiser factory hand sanding apaiser bath



While retaining the sensual touch and luxurious feel of marble, our material delivers optimum strength and performance. apaisermarble is warm to touch, lighter than natural stone and naturally slip-resistant. It is also non-porous, scratch, stain, mould and bacteria-resistant, non-yellowing and fade resistant. Easy to clean and maintain, it can also be simply repaired or rejuvenated by replicating the hand-finishing process. It’s little wonder apaiser is the preferred choice of the world’s most renowned architects and designers.




At apaiser we believe we have a responsibility to design products that are sustainable, ethical and durable.

In all phases of our production process we strive to leave a small carbon footprint and protect the surrounding environment. We craft bathware of the highest quality which is durable and long lasting. Our pieces are UPC certified (CSA B45.5-17/IAPMO Z124-2017) under IAPMO standards, and LEED compliant.

Our ateliers are ISO 1400 compliant and have been designed with specialised air filtration systems, as well as internal water and waste management plans in place. During our finishing process we use recycled water to limit our consumption and little mechanisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are also very excited about the recent development of a groundbreaking technology and process, which enables 100% recycling of our products.

We provide a safe working environment for our master craftsmen and adhere strictly to local laws. Our pieces are wet sanded in air circulated rooms and our material contains no added silica filler or aluminum trihydrate, reducing the risk to our employees of developing airborne dust related diseases such as silicosis.


Kind to both the environment and its inhabitants,
apaiser delivers durable, hygienic, sustainable,
design-driven bathware globally.




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