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Soka Vanity

Wall mounted to allow flexibility and functional ease, the Soka Vanity features a versatile tray, able to be configured either to left or right on the single basin option and proudly centered on the double basin variation. With a deliberately simple cutout towel rail, the vanity adds the final touch of minimalism and functionality to

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Soka Powder Vanity

Compact in design, and perfect for ‘powder rooms’ or confined spaces, our Soka Powder Vanity’s slim line and economic form – with integrated tray detail – wins as much for practicality as it does elegance. Each apaiser vanity is exquisitely crafted from apaiserMARBLE®

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Soka Basin

This countertop Soka basin with fine edge detail is an uncomplicated yet sophisticated expression of the classic ‘his & hers’. As functional as it is versatile, our twin basin is ideal for both pared down traditional or cutting edge contemporary styles. Each apaiser basin is exquisitely crafted from apaiserMARBLE®

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Soka Petit Bath

A compact and eminently flexible bath, the Petit nonetheless enjoys all the same design attributes as the Grand. The bath’s square form makes it suitable for a wide range of positions wherever space is a challenge, from alcoves to corners. A shallow tray serves not only a functional need but helps create a statement feature

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