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A-Series Chameleon Freestanding Basin

Freestanding Stone Basin

With its bold, sculptural form extending to the floor, the freestanding basin allows for a strong explosion of style and creativity when paired with the A-Series Chameleon Bath. Captivate the imagination with a kaleidoscope of colours and embrace your individuality.

Each apaiser basin is exquisitely crafted from apaiserMARBLE®

Colours Available (colours are indicative and for reference purposes only)
Posh Pink
Fabulous Fuchsia
Royal red
Marmalade Orange
Canary Yellow
Battersea Blue
Paul's Green
Jubilee Jade
All about Aqua
Back in Black
Stormy Grey
Glacier White
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    Our collection also offers you a curated selection of stone basins, vanities and accessories in our signature apaiserMARBLE.