Born of the elements, distilled by nature, strengthened by man and inspired by design, apaiserMARBLE® is a luxurious high performing marble, enriched with the purity of Australian minerals. This revolutionary material delivers a naturally organic and sensual quality to the bathroom experience and can be crafted into the most inspiring bathware by the world’s leading designers.

Launched after four years research and development, apaiserMARBLE proves ground breaking. While retaining the sensual touch, luxurious feel and health benefits of marble, the material delivers superior strength, high performance and lower weight. The highest technical standards are exceeded. It outperforms all other conventional bathroom materials. Tactile to the touch and shaped by hand with absolute perfection, apaiserMARBLE exemplifies the best of modern technology, melded with the meticulous craftsmanship of the artisan. The result, the highest performing material in the bathroom today.