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The home of BATH COUTURE

Styled by nature. Perfected by hand. The apaiser story starts with award-winning bathware, proudly Australian owned. Driven by a dream to transform the bathroom, founder Belinda Try introduces the world to her brand apaiser™, in 2000. Her revolutionary apaiserMARBLE® launches four years later, showcasing a luxurious non-porous marble material, enriched with the purity of Australian minerals. Today, apaiser bathware is globally recognised and coveted the world over in the best hotels, resorts and residences. Each bathware item is individually sculpted by master craftsmen. Our signature offering of Bath Couture® embodies complete customisation for those who dare to be different, inspiring a new generation of absolute luxury. The evolution of the bathroom is complete with apaiser Bath Couture. Welcome to Maison apaiser.
In the turmoil of our busy lives I craved a space to reflect and revitalise at home. apaiser was created to achieve this goal. Through the development of sustainable luxury bathware, I set out to dress the bathroom in the uncomplicated joys of nature. With my apaiser The Home of Bath Couture, expression knows no boundaries.

Belinda Try, Founder and President


Timeproof   Quality

Born of the elements, distilled by nature, strengthened by man and inspired by design, apaiserMARBLE® is a luxurious high performing marble, enriched with the purity of Australian minerals. This revolutionary material delivers a naturally organic and sensual quality to the bathroom experience and can be crafted into the most inspiring bathware by the world’s leading designers. Launched after four years research and development, apaiserMARBLE proves ground breaking. While retaining the sensual touch, luxurious feel and health benefits of marble, the material delivers superior strength, high performance and lower weight. The highest technical standards are exceeded. It outperforms all other conventional bathroom materials. Tactile to the touch and shaped by hand with absolute perfection, apaiserMARBLE exemplifies the best of modern technology, melded with the meticulous craftsmanship of the artisan. The result, the highest performing material in the bathroom today.

Master Craftsmanship

by hands

Every piece of apaiser bathware is created by a team of highly experienced master craftsmen, who have perfected their trade over many years. Hand finished in specialised atelier workshops, each apaiser piece is crafted by our artisans who meet the most fastidious standards. apaiser is deeply committed to quality and design at every stage, resulting in beautiful works of sculptured art that are highly functioning in the bathroom. More than 12 mastercraftsmen will spend more than 300 hours lovingly creating each piece of apaiser bathware, by hand, adhering to the highest atelier production standards. Hand crafted to perfection it’s little wonder apaiser is the preferred choice of the world’s most renowned hotels, architects and designers.


Best in CLASS

apaiser™ is dedicated to providing superior service quality and peace of mind to all customers. A committed support platform, comprised of apaiser’s dedicated in-house or in-field technical and engineering professionals, oversees every stage of the apaiser journey. From design to delivery and including assistance with installation and training, apaiser’s team is dedicated to deliver the highest level of ongoing service. apaiser offers globally specialised service engineers, who are available to offer exclusively 24 hours support services. We are proud that the masterpiece we have crafted along with you, will be unique and admired for many years to come. With this in mind we created apaiserCARE®, representing the pinnacle of care and support for the lifetime of your bath couture piece. Our team of service experts ensure masterful delivery and installation, as well as ongoing maintenance, staff training and product refreshment around the world.