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Apaiser signature design meets modern drama in this Melbourne residence

March 25, 2020

apaiser is thrilled to have been selected to adorn stunning contemporary bathrooms in a Melbourne residence designed by Biasol Studio.

As per the design brief for the residence to be “monochrome, textured, dramatic”, Casa Chiaroscuro – the latest residence by the Melbourne interior design practice, is a celebration of balance and contrast. An exploration of the power of the colour black and the interplay of light and shadow.

Inspired by the ‘chiaroscuro’ technique in the visual arts, a sense of drama and artistic composition was achieved in the space. Restraint is shown in the beautifully crafted interior palette, with carefully selected materials providing visual impact.

The signature apaiser Haven Bath and Reflection Vanity were selected for the ensuite. Heavily textured terrazzo tiles and dispersed light enhance the smooth lines of the bath ware, creating a collage of shapes and colours, despite the monochromatic scheme.

In the second bathroom, warm grey terrazzo tiles are combined with dark fittings, and moody apaiser pieces become the focal points of the space. The result is a visual masterpiece.