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A sense of place – understated luxury by Byron Beach Abodes

The definition of ‘luxury accommodation’ and travel has changed drastically over the past few years. Luxury has become less about materialism and more about the experience.

The definition of ‘luxury accommodation’ and travel has changed drastically over the past few years.

Luxury has become less about materialism and more about the experience. It might now be defined as being in a state of great comfort, the extravagance of time, space and quiet indulgence. Connection to the present moment, pleasurable and meaningful experiences and a sense of place.

As such, travelers seek an escape – accommodation with a focus on authenticity and uniqueness. Less formal and more personalised spaces which are not only beautifully designed but also make us feel at ease. Destinations which are social media worthy and provide a home away from home experience.

The latest project from apaiser’s Melbourne team – The Cabin – perfectly exemplifies the new definition of a luxury escape.

This is a story of the concept, the process and the result.


Only recently completed, The Cabin is the newest addition to the Byron Beach Abodes portfolio. Set amidst the trees and only moments from the beach, this three-story holiday getaway in Byron Bay has a distinctly luxe feel fused with informal sophistication.

apaiser byron beach abodes - the cabin-outside

Designed by interior stylist and founding partner of BBA, Taliah Lowry, the interiors have an elegant, minimalist aesthetic. The use of natural timber, stone, rich textured rugs and fabrics and soft palette of grey’s and whites bring warmth to the spaces and provide a connection to the stunning surrounds.

When asked about the concept and inspiration behind The Cabin, Taliah notes cosy mountain cabins filled with aged, rustic sustainable materials beautiful complemented by every possible luxury.

It feels absolute five-star luxury and is completely unique from anything else in Byron. Although our guests are coming to Byron, when they walk into The Cabin they could easily feel that they were in the mountains of NZ or Switzerland.”, she says.


However, having lived in Northern New South Wales for over two decades, she admits that the temperate climate of Byron Bay and the lush landscapes of the surrounds have also had huge impact on the design. Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living was the Cabin’s primary architectural principle.

When sourcing products for the Cabin, Taliah wanted to keep it as sustainable and unique as possible by having relationships with small, family-run businesses.

I try to find one-off products that are earthy, textured and as natural as possible, such as our limestone floors and recycled timber cladding, says Taliah.

apaiser byron beach abodes - the cabin-kitchen


When it came to designing the bathrooms there were two primary ideals, an outdoor bathroom and a WOW factor.

Having heard of the apaiser brand from Kate Sacks, an interior designer and a friend, Taliah visited our Melbourne showroom last year and instantly fell in love with the pieces.

Taliah selected four products from four different Collections. The Seascapes Bath in a dark hue was chosen for the intimate outdoor courtyard bathroom. Lunar-Pool and Sanctum-Haven basins furnish the wash areas and a true statement piece – the majestic Zen Round Bath – sits against a back drop of treetops in the loft.

apaiser byron beach abodes - the cabin-guest-bathroom

Two factors came into play when choosing apaiser – the spectacular look but also “a sense of informal, but dramatic luxury” according to Taliah.

Whilst a dark, moody bath was always on the wish list for the courtyard and had featured on Taliah’s mood board for years, the feeling of luxury, indulgence and romance evoked by the Zen Bath…took her by surprise. In fact, the entire build was changed to fit the bath! “…it was too beautiful to hide behind a door, so we created the open bedroom bath layout off the loft space.”

Our showroom consultants worked closely with Taliah throughout the creative process. A lover of earthy, neutral tones our Graphite and Diamond White held instant appeal and their subtle texture and sensual matt finish complemented the interior palette and chosen pieces perfectly.

The way Taliah worked on the project was a great example of how a design project should be carried out – with confidence and intuition – says Sabrina Simmons, Architecture & Design Consultant at apaiser.

apaiser byron beach abodes - the cabin-master-ensuite


Having been fortunate to work on projects like The Cabin, as well as boutique and luxury hotel’s globally, we have observed first hand, the shift in approach to design, service and experience. The bathroom is a vital platform for personalisation, creating moments of quiet indulgence and a private retreat. It is a space in which we can provide a sense of place, create a connection to the environment and contribute to a lasting and memorable experience. There is more freedom to make a statement and offer small, unexpected and thoughtful touches which bring us pleasure. “It’s where you can add extra luxuries for your guests to enjoy, such as beautiful products for skin and hair, hand-mixed bath salts, plush towels and more.”, adds Taliah.

apaiser byron beach abodes - the cabin-Taliah-Lowry

Taliah and Sein Lowry

At The Cabin, the Zen and Seascapes baths are the stunning focal point of the bathrooms and undoubtedly elevate the guest experience.

Honestly, they’ve become the highlight of our guest’s stay. You’re pretty lucky to get one amazing bath in a two-bedroom home, but to have two amazing feature tubs is next level luxury. They also love that both tubs are big enough for two!

Featuring Taliah Lowry, Creative Director at Byron Beach Abodes, @byron_beach_abodes
All photos by Jessie Prince @jessiexprince

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