World of apaiser Round

Bath Stool

Add an extra layer to the bathroom experience. This multi-functional stool may be used as either a freestanding stool or a bath side table. Designed to suit any aesthetic and the perfect accessory to complete the bathroom look.

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Bath Caddy

Elevate bathing to the next level with the Bath Caddy, designed to straddle each side of your bath, with a gently curving form. Perfect to house bath accessories where everything is in easy reach.

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A-Series Freestanding Basin

With its bold, sculptural form extending to the floor, the freestanding basin allows for a strong explosion of style and creativity when paired with the A-series bath. Captivate the imagination with a kaleidoscope of colours and embrace your individuality.

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A-Series Chameleon Basin

Pair this basin with the A-Series bath for a dynamic creation of style and individualism. Paul Flowers’s design catches the eye and adds a highly sculptural element to the bathroom, allowing for something unusual and extraordinary to emerge.

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