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Bijoux Bath

A celebration of strength and beauty, this faceted bath offers sublime relaxation, capturing the light and delighting the bather.

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Sampan Single Bath

With an eye to the ultimate in style and superb comfort in bathing, the Sampan Single Bath is an amazing addition to the apaiser Collections. The architectural form is balanced by the luxurious nature of the material supported by the sumptuous interior depth.

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Sampan Double Bath

The essence of the Sampan Collection is beautifully illustrated by the Sampan Double Bath. This original, semi recessed design offers depth in a linear profile, and the subtle detailing, such as infinity overflow, adds luxury to this architectural form. Offering sublime comfort for two, this generous bath is a celebration of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Sampan Single Basin

Like any diminution of a larger form, the Sampan semi recessed basin offers all the attributes of the original in a versatile and compact solution. With clever details and a presence that commands attention in defiance of its petite form, the basin is an architectural masterpiece.

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