As a proud Australian brand, our desire to preserve this beautiful country, inspired us to create the original marble stone bathware. A product which was sympathetic to and impacted benignly on the environment. Our commitment to ethically sourced materials and environmentally sensitive production have been a core part of our brand DNA since our inception nearly 20 years ago. At the same time, we strive to maintain the highest manufacturing standards and design excellence. Our apaiserMARBLE® is made from up to 90% reclaimed crushed marble, a by-product of the marble industry that would otherwise contribute to landfill. Our ateliers are ISO 1400 compliant and have been designed with specialised air filtration systems, as well as internal water and waste management plans in place. During our finishing process we use recycled water to limit our consumption and little mechanisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our pieces contain minimal man-made ingredients and are non-toxic and added silica-free, so our clients can enjoy a natural, sustainable and guilt free soak in a beautiful, luxurious bath.